Thursday, 17 March 2011


Today I did a slightly modified version of the Filthy 50-style workout from a few weeks ago.

For time:
50 x kipping pull-ups
50 x box jumps @ 24"
Cycle half a mile
50 x burpees
25 x traveling lunges per leg
25 x dumbbell snatches per arm @ 35lb
50 x sit-ups
50 x jump squats
50 x push press @ 45lb
50 x bench-supported lateral hops @ 24" (25 per side)

Time = 36:35

This is a much quicker time than when I did Paul's version. I switched cycling for rowing (this took about 1:45) and dumbbell snatches instead of kettlebell swings. I don't know if that would have account for the big difference, although I remember in February I had to take several fairly long breaks during the 45lb push press round, whereas today I was able to knock out at least 9 in a row (mostly got up to sets of 10). Also, the kb swings were a killer back then. Today the burpees were the toughest; traveling lunges felt pretty easy.


1 mile(?) run

Time =  7:55

To finish off this week's training I decided to test my ankle with a short run. It's been a while since I did the one and a half mile run - which is one long loop and one short loop - but I opted for just the long loop, which I think is about a mile. I started with a bit of a jog to see how my ankle felt and gradually picked up the pace the further I went as there wasn't any pain. In the end my ankle held out, but my lungs were burning! I completed the run in 7:55, which isn't that impressive on its own, but (a) I deliberately started running slowly, and (b) I'd completed a tough conditioning workout less than five minutes before I started running.

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