Monday, 7 March 2011

Conditioning: The 300 Workout

Just one routine today, but it was challenging.

The 300 Workout:
25 x pull-ups
50 x deadlifts @ 135lb
50 x push-ups
50 x box jumps @ 24"
50 x floorwipers (each side) @ 135lb
50 x single-arm clean and press @ 35lb dumbbell (25 per arm)
25 x pull-ups

Time = 34:17

According to Paul, my previous time was 39 and change. Although I can't remember doing it before, apparently it was some time ago. A 5-minute improvement is still an improvement, but I would have hoped/expected for a better one. Not sure if I did 24" box jumps back then, as I've only started doing that height in the past couple of months.

As expected, the floorwipers were the most challenging component. The first 20 reps were broken down into 2 sets of 10 (left and right counts as 1 rep), then 3 sets of 5, followed by triples and doubles.

For the one-arm clean and presses I switched arms each time one arm needed a rest. So, for example, I would do, say, 6 reps with my left arm, 6 with my right, then switch back again. That way I could keep moving.


Paul French said...

heh you've been doing box jumps at 24 inches for a while, and ya it was the exact same workout as before.

Your deadlifts this time were much cleaner though, last time they turned into straight leg deads which while bad for your back, are much faster. This way ya did it safer which is always the better option.

The clean and presses technically have to be done with 25 on one before switching to the next, but no big deal it wouldn't add too much time.

I am curious though, why did you go and grab a 50 pound dumbell and perform a DB Snatch?

Common Sense Design said...

Why did I grab a 50lb dumbbell and then snatch it? Because I'm a fucking idiot! I had the number 50 in my head, probably because that's the total number of reps. No idea about the snatch, though. After the floorwipers I was just happy to be breathing.

Paul French said...

Good thing the workout didn't call for 100 reps then.

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