Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I hope the good weather holds out. I started my day with a 20-minute bike ride which was fun, except for the patches of ice that I didn't notice in the dark.

My back is a lot better than yesterday but still a little sore, so I didn't want to push my luck. I'll probably stay away from any heavy lifting this week so that I can handle my scheduled leg session on Saturday.

100 x burpee pull-ups

Time = 17:36

That's a 4:19 improvement on my PR back in February. As with last time, the hardest part was the set up! I nearly fell off the bench when I was trying to slide the bar onto the safeties near the top of the rack. I thought I'd got away with it until I heard Cher on the treadmill, pissing herself laughing.


21-15-9 reps for time:
Box jumps @ 24"
Bench-supported lateral hops @ 24" (per side)

Time = 13:01

This is supposed to have hang squat cleans as the first movement but I didn't think my back could handle front squats with 105lb 95lb, so I dropped that part. Still built up a sweat, though.

I finished today's training with 10 minutes on a stationary bike.


Paul French said...

very nice work today, that's a nice drop off the old time. I think you'd ready to try to required version, meaning you jump up to the regular pullup bar.

btw wouldn't it have 95 pound squat cleans, not 105?

Common Sense Design said...

Thanks. This is one of those routines where the first time I do it I think it's going to hurt before I do it, but then it turns out not to be too bad, so it's almost like I hold something back. When I do it the second time I know I can push myself a bit more, so there tends to be a big jump in my score. This often happens when I try something new with you, then do it on my own soon after.

I'd love to do this as RXed, but I can't even jump to the bar from standing, let alone a burpee. Like you said, I jump like a white guy (thanks, White Guy!)

And yes, you're right about the weight for the hang squat clean: http://59percentoverweight.blogspot.com/2011/03/conditioning.html. I could probably do a regular front squat with that weight without any problems today, but doing this quickly would have caused more damage to my back. I plan on doing some pulling tomorrow, then perhaps another conditioning day on Thursday. I expect to be fine for Saturday's leg session.

Paul French said...

heh I've always noticed that before, not only with you but with my other clients and even myself. For me though because I have something to beat that pushes me. Unless Im competing, being pushed by a trainer (which is rare), I like trying to beat my old time, it gives me that extra push.

Common Sense Design said...

If I'm repeating a routine - or copying one where I know your time - I seem to have the most success when I don't look at my watch. I just go by how I feel. I started with 10 reps and I never did fewer than 5 consecutive reps in the burpee pull-ups. Breaks were pretty short too. That's where I saved loads of time today.

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