Tuesday, 1 February 2011


An example of what I did today.

100 x burpee pull-ups
Time = 21:45

The pull-up bar is too high for me to jump up and grab it, so I set up a weighted barbell resting on the safeties about 12 inches below it. This was a tough routine, but easier than I expected because the pull-ups allow for kipping if necessary due to the momentum of the jump from a burpee position. 

I started off with seven reps before I needed a break. I never had to rest for too long and the remaining reps were broken down into fours and fives.

Despite the challenge, it was worth it just to see the look on Eric's face when I explained to him the barbell was set up so I could do mid-air push-presses.


20 x burpees
20 x pull-ups

Score = 17:09

A slower time than when I did this on January 5, 2011, but (a) this time I used better form for the burpees (I did overhead claps) and (b) last time the routine wasn't preceded by 100 burpee pull-ups.

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