Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Incline rack press 3 reps, 5 sets @ 125lb
3, 3, 2, 2, 1

When I planned today's routines I mixed up my flat barbell bench press with my incline weights. With incline I start at 115 and work up to 130. With the flat version I start at 125 and aim for 150. I only realised this in the second round, so I decided to stick with 125lb throughout. Paul, who was watching all this, helpfully said nothing. Probably thinking about what quiche he wants for lunch.


Flat dumbbell press:
40s (8), 45s (6), 50s (4), 50s (4), 40s (10)

Exactly the same numbers as last time.


50 dips as quick as possible, then as many push-ups as possible until the clock hits 15 minutes.

Push-ups = 90

More than doubled my PR of 43! I think I finished the dips much quicker than last time, which left more time for push-ups. I started off with 7 dips before I rested, then the remainder were broken down into 3s and 2s. I often can only do singles, but not today. Crucially, I didn't fail on a single rep, which frequently is the cause for plenty of lost time. I felt like I rested longer when I took breaks, which enabled me to knock out doubles and trebles. Push-ups were always in sets of fives, until the last 10, which were broken down into 2s.


Amrap 10:
Incline rack press @ 95lb

Score = 25

I did this to kill some time while I waited for Cher to finish her personal training session. With the last five reps I kept having to sit up straight when I'd completed each one because I was getting mild cramp in my upper right thigh. Probably because of my leg workout yesterday.

Even though I cocked up the first routine, not a bad day.

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