Monday, 21 February 2011

Chest and traps

Felt a bit sluggish today before I'd even started, and I think it showed in my scores.

Rack bench press 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (7 holes, small bench)
125, 135, 145 (2), 145 (1), 145 (2)

Chinups - 5 x max reps
12, 10, 9, 9, 7

I've pressed 155lb in my fifth set before - for one rep - so this was a bit disappointing.


50 x bench press - 105 (7 holes; small bench)

Time = 8:04

I tried this about a month back with only 100lb and got a time of 7:04. Those five extra pounds increased my time by one minute. I did 12 reps before I needed to rest.


25 x rack bench @ 105lb
25 x dips
25 x chin-ups
25 x dumbbell bench @ 37.5s
25 x push-ups

Time =  23:46

I started the dumbbell presses with 40s but I really struggled to do two reps so I lowered the weight to 37.5s. That's only a little bit heavier than before, but my time was much slower.

Not sure why I underperformed today because I think I had a decent night's sleep. I did a little bit of snow shoveling early morning, but I'm sure that wouldn't have made a difference. I'm typing this about an hour after I got home and my chest and arms are already sore, so there's no doubt I worked as hard as I could.

I'm doing weight training all this week, except for Saturday which will be conditioning. I might try conditioning for the whole of next week so that my muscles can have a rest.


Paul French said...

Don't forget to specify the type of bench press ya did, if you're anything like me you may look back at these many months from now. In this case, just that it was rack bench press.

I got to the gym for my workout around noonish, gym was packed, same when you were there?

Common Sense Design said...

Yeah, it was busy at 9:30 this morning when I went in. I got some nasty looks from a couple of big guys who were pissed at me for hogging the rack for nearly an hour.

My chest is really sore now from all the various type of bench presses: 86 barbell rack presses at different weights plus 25 dumbbell presses. I might have overdone the same type of exercise today, which would explain the longer times.

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