Thursday, 24 February 2011


I tried to take it a bit easier today because I had a poor night's sleep due to waking up early - 4:30am! - with a cough. Just one conditioning workout, with a little bit of cycling to warm up and cool down. A good sweaty routine usually makes me feel better if I have a cold, and this seemed to help. I must have looked pretty crappy, though, because Cher sent over Liliana to check that I was okay!

Amrap 30:
5 x kipping pull-ups
5 x jump lunges (per leg)
5 x clapping push-ups
5 x box jumps

Score = 16 rounds exactly

I've done a similar workout before, but with strict pull-ups and burpee box jumps. My score for that routine was 14 rounds plus 5 pull-ups. I really went for it with the kipping pull-ups, but I kept good form. However, all the swinging nearly toppled over the pull-ups rack!

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