Thursday, 3 February 2011


Really pleased with today's training: three new PRs.

Pin squat (11 holes) 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
185, 205, 225, 245, 255 (PR = 245)

Surprised I got up to 255 because the first round felt tough, so I was expecting to do less than my PR.


10 RFT:
3 x front squats @ 125 lb
5 x back squats @ 125 lb

Time = 10:31 (PR = 12:08)

Big improvement on my PR! I took breaks between rounds, but every round itself was unbroken. Time to increase the weight.


5 RFT:
5 x dumbbell front squats @ 40s
10 x air squats

Time = 3:39 (PR = 4:43 @ 37.5s)

Beat my PR by more than a minute, using heavier weights.


Leg extensions 3 x 20 reps @ 65, 80, 95


Paul French said...

Nice work today, but a few notes. You are actually doing partial squats, not pin squats. Pin squats follow the same idea as pin bench press, so the weight starts on the pins and you start the exercise in a half squat position. Partials you start from the top like usual and top and go on the pins, not resting it for a half second like in pin squats.

Nice job on the 10 rounds though, as much as you can work on full depth front squats like we did on Saturday. Full depth back squats seem to bother your back a bit so maybe leave those out and just go to parallel (best to set up 6 risers like I think you did today).

Common Sense Design said...

Re: pin/partial squats - what I did today (and in the past) is based on a routine I think we did some months ago. How did we do them back then?

My back wasn't a problem today, but my ankle was. It's been bugging me since Sunday, but I'm not sure if that's because of the Bulgarian split squats we did on Saturday. After our workout I felt fine; it took 24 hours for there to be any pain, and it's been pretty bad all week.

The reason I used six risers today is because I've been cheating a bit with the depth of my squats the past few weeks. I figure that if I have a target to hit at least that will keep me honest.

Paul French said...

Thats a good idea regarding the squat depth. If you look at my one leg day, it sort of explains how I do it.

So you can rotate back and forth between atg (ass to grass), or hamstring touches calf, and going to the step risers. Both are great, I guess specify which type you do so if you ever look back at a routine months from now there is no confusion as to what type you did.

Months ago when we did pin squats you started from the pins, so in a half squat position, the heaviest you went back then was 215. Partials are easier in the sense that you can add more weight, but still a great exercise for the goal of overloading the legs (same purpose of pin squats). Id continue with the style you've been doing, you've progressed well on it so far, I was just being technical and saying there actual name.

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