Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Olympic Lifting/Conditioning

Hang clean 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
105, 110, 115, 120 (2), 125 (F)

Still disappointed with my lack of progress with cleans. Perhaps it's a failure of technique, rather than a lack of strength.


For time:
30 x hang squat cleans @ 95 (to 4 risers)
40 x deadlifts @ 145
50 x dumbbell snatches @ 45 (25 per arm)

Time = 26:10

Bloody hell, this hurt more than I expected. I made up this routine, although the individual movements are obviously familiar. I did the hang squat cleans properly this time, starting my squats while the bar was moving up to my chest. 

I had planned to do 135lb deadlifts, which would have meant adding two 10lb plates to each side of the same bar I was using for hang squat cleans. However, all the 10s were being used so I had to quickly adapt and used one 25lb extra on each side instead. This was probably a better weight, anyway, as it was a bit more of a challenge. I consistently broke down the 40 reps into sets of five.

With the snatches I kept switching arms as they got tired, so four reps with my left and then four with my right. By the time I got to about eight reps I wished I'd chosen a lighter weight! 

This was a tough but fun workout and, I think, the first time I've made up my own rft routine. I usually repeat something I've done before or copy one of Paul's. No-one to blame but myself!


100 x sit-ups


Paul French said...

hmm, maybe I'll have to give that last part a try, looks like fun I like the combo of olympic lift to power lift to back o olympic lift.

Common Sense Design said...

The sets that I had to break it down into - between 3 to 5 reps per set - means I think I got the weights right for each part. If I'd gone with the lighter deadlifts and snatches it would have been too easy. I lost a little time adding the plates between the hang squat cleans and the deadlifts, but I would have been resting part of that time anyway. If the gym wasn't so busy yesterday I would have had a second bar ready to go.

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