Saturday, 26 March 2011

Conditioning a.k.a. I Hate Kettlebells

Personal training with Paul

Row intervals:
500m - 1:54
400m - 1:44 (3:36)
300m - 1:18 (4:54)
200m - 0:48 (5:42)
100m - 0:18 (6:00)
500m - 2:13 (8:13) Compare

This was the first time I've ever had cramp in my left butt cheek. Plus my lower lip went numb! Hope that's not the sign of a heart attack...


3 RFT:
10 x hang squat cleans @35s
10 x renegade rows @35s (each side counts as 1 rep)
10 x thrusters @ 35s

Time = 13:51


3 RFT:
10 x burpees
16 alternating kettlebell swings @ 20kg (8 per arm)

Time = 7:56


I must have scraped my knee earlier in the week at the gym, either from vigorous push-ups or deadlifts. The renegade rows and burpees today opened up the bruise and I ended up depositing plenty of blood on the carpet (I left it as a warning to others). Sympathetic as ever, Paul asked if I could do the burpees on the mat rather than the carpet because it's easier to clean up the blood.


Paul French said...

hahahah, plus on the black mat it's harder to notice.

Common Sense Design said...

This is worse than the time you and Eric stood there pissing your pants laughing when I collapsed with a heavy barbell on my shoulders. This time it was all about convenience for you!

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