Monday, 18 April 2011


Pretty good start to the week.

Bench press (7 holes; small bench)
5 sets max reps @ 135
5, 4, 4, 4, 3 = 20


Single arm db push press (holding for 2-count at the top)
Per arm: 40 (10), 42.5 (8), 45 (7), 45 (5), 47.5 (4)

I finished with a lighter weight than last time, but many more total reps overall.


4 rounds for time:
10 x db bench press @ 42s
10 x dips

Time = 17:51

Much better score than a couple of weeks ago, when I took 23:18 to complete this. I only failed on one bench press and none of the dips, which I think is what killed me last time. Crucially, I took longer breaks so that I made sure I'd complete the next set of reps. In the first round I did 10 consecutive bench presses, rested for about 15 seconds, then did 4 dips. There were a few times during this routine when I had to fight the urge to try another rep because I knew I'd be risking failure and thus wasting energy. Except for the last 4 reps in the final set I managed to do at least 2 consecutive reps. The last 4 presses and dips were all singles.


Paul French said...

Nice job on the last part, I saw you performing that workout today and wondered how it was going, taking the slightly longer breaks certainly helps in a routine like this.

Common Sense Design said...

I think when I did this with you a couple of weeks I wasn't really focused. I remember that I kept chatting with you - my fault, not yours - which meant I was distracted. I was very conscious of that today (of course, I was training on my own!) and I concentrated on having a simple strategy based on resting efficiently. It definitely worked.

With the second routine - db push presses - would it have been better to go heavy and do fewer reps?

Paul French said...

heh ya better plan the second time, more what I did when I performed that routine. For the push presses it's more your call, when I do heavy on that I usually go as heavy as possible for low low reps.

that's the last time I've done heavy push presses with one arm, so that time I went for a heavy single, same rules it only counted if I was able to hold the weight overhead for a few seconds, but it's up to you still.

Common Sense Design said...

Wait a minute - why were you watching me while you were training TWO women?

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