Thursday, 7 April 2011

Conditioning (plus some diet notes)

My glutes are still incredibly sore from Tuesday's leg session, so today's conditioning workouts were really just about grinding out the reps. Everything today felt like it was in slow motion, but I'm just pleased I got through it. I started with 10 minutes of leg stretches to loosen up my quads and glutes.


For time:
30 box jumps @ 24'
30 burpees
30 dumbbell swings (two-handed grip)
30 jump squats
30 push-ups
30 sit-ups
30 bench-supported lateral hops @ 24" (per side)

Time = 15:28

The first 2 moves felt slow, but the box jumps were unbroken and I only took two short breaks during the burpees. Surprisingly, the sit-ups were the hardest because it hurt my butt so much to sit down. When I lowered down flat on my back it hurt my glutes even more. I had to struggle not to shout out my favourite swear word with every rep.

This was loosely based on one of Paul's routines, but without the rowing. Also, I added the lateral hops at the end.


5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Score = 13 in 20:03

Not my best score by any means, but as I said earlier, I just wanted to push out the reps today. The last time I did Cindy was back in January 2011 for a score of 13 plus 5 pull-ups (my PR), so not too bad by comparison. I was sharing the pull-up station with another client, but it didn't really affect my score. He was doing pull-ups while I was doing push-ups and squats.

Overall today's conditioning wasn't to the same intensity of recent weeks and the scores aren't great if you look at them out of context. However, I'm just pleased that I managed to push through the pain for these two routines. A pain in the ass is not to underestimated!


I commented yesterday that I seem to be hungry all the time. The answer to this is blindingly obvious: Eat more! Looking back at what I've been consuming over the past couple of days, I don't think I've had enough (healthy) fat. 

My pre-training breakfasts always consists of 3/4 cup of oats, 200ml 1% milk, 1 tablespoon of Sun Maid raisins (the only brand that isn't baked in oil), and 2 tablespoons of apple sauce. That's only 1% fat from the milk, so it's no wonder I'm hungry within an hour. 

I'm not consciously reducing my fat intake; that's just how it's worked out from what I've been eating recently. Plus my conditioning workouts have been more intense over the past few weeks - perhaps not including today's - so my metabolism has probably increased, too. No need for panic, but I just need to be more aware of what I'm eating every day.

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