Thursday, 26 May 2011

Olympic lifting

Had an early start today because of a client meeting at 9:30, so I was quite groggy when I started training. That being said, I did much better than I expected despite feeling bleh.

Partial deadlifts (safeties at 3 holes):
135 (10), 185 (5), 205 (5), 225 (3), 245 (3), 275 (3), 285 (3), 290 (2), 290 (2)

That's 5lb more than the last time, but my form was crappy in the last set. I used wrist straps from 205lb onwards.


Fran: 21-15-9
Thrusters @ 95lb to 4 risers
Kipping pull-ups

Time = 15:54

Before today my best Fran @ 95lb was 17:17, so a considerable improvement (actually, it's quicker than my 75lb time, too). The first set of pull-ups were strict rather than kipping because my back felt a little stiff (I would have expected it to loosen up after the deadlifts). I didn't look at my watch until I'd completed the routine and I felt like I was taking too many - and too long - breaks. I was sure that my score would be slower. However, I seem to be getting the hang of resting effectively because I didn't fail a single rep and still beat my old time.

Due to my client meeting that's all I had time for today. However, I'm pleased with what I managed to do in the time I had.

Overall, it's been a good week's training: several new PRs, including finally hitting my rack squat target.

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