Saturday, 7 May 2011


Personal training with Paul

Partial deadlifts:
135 x 10, 185 x 5, 205 x 5, 225 x 3, 225 x 3, 265 x 3, 275 x 3, 275 x 2, 275 x 2

This is the first time I've done partial deadlifts, as well as the first time I've used wrist straps to help with my grip. Both the partial aspect and the straps helped me to lift the heaviest weight I've ever managed with any type of lift (I PRed 270lb partial squats earlier in the week.) The straps have left red marks around my wrists that are still evident 8 hours later, which will probably mean I'll have some awkward explaining to do if they're still there tomorrow.


DB rows @ 65 (11, 10 ,7, 5)


3 rounds, each for time
10 pull-ups
15 kipping pull-ups
1 min rest between
2:50, 3:55, 3:25


Paul French said...

When you do conventional deadlifts, does your grip ever limit you?

Common Sense Design said...

Sometimes it does in the later sets, probably a combination of grip fatigue and the heavier weight. Now I know how to use the straps that shouldn't be a problem.

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