Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shoulders and triceps

I started taking creatine again a couple of months ago. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I feel like my post-exercise recovery has improved. I had a challenging leg session with Ben last Monday, from which I recovered two days later. I played all 90 minutes of a fast-paced soccer game on Friday, and I outran the three opposition players whom I was marking. Not all at the same time; they subbed out every 15 minutes or so, but we were several payers short, so I stayed on the pitch for the whole game. My legs feel a bit tired, but certainly not over-fatigued.

Seated barbell press - 70lb x 11(!), 6, 6, 4

Seated Arnold press - 25s x 11, 9, 8

One arm front raise - 15lb x 10, 10, 10 per arm

Dumbbell lateral raise - 10s x 40 reps

Close grip bench press - 110lb x 5, 5

Dumbbell tricep extensions - 17.5lb x 12; 20lb x 12 per arm

EZ bar skull crushers - 60lb x 10, 10

Parallette bench dips x 40, 40


Decline sit-ups - 23, 18, 14

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