Monday, 5 August 2013


I just know that this is going to hurt like a bee-atch tomorrow morning, and probably even worse the day(s) after. Heavy leg days don't cause me too much doms, but lighter weight/high rep routines like this are a nightmare. I'd previously trained with Ben only four days ago, but I wanted to get my leg day in early so I'd recover in time for soccer on Friday.

Single leg extensions @ 15lb, alternating after 15 reps per leg; 3 sets per leg

Leg press
180lb x 10
270lb x 10, 10
180lb x 10 - 5 seconds to lower, 5 seconds hold, then 5 seconds push
140lb x 10 - 5 seconds to lower, 5 seconds hold, then 5 seconds push
90lb x 25 - regular speed

Leg curls
37.5lb x 10
50lb x 10
62.5lb x 5; 50lb x 10 (all one set; I couldn't complete all 10 at 62.5lb); 37.5lb x 5 to finish

Traveling lunges
40lb dumbbells - 1 length of the gym, rest 30 seconds, then return; 3 sets

Calf raises - 3 continuous sets
Leg press calf raises x 10
Standing calf raises x 15

Straight leg dumbbell deadlifts
40lb dumbbells x 10, 10, 10
I had to break these up because either (a) my grip failed, or (b) my back felt sore, probably because of the deadlifts I did a couple of years ago.

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