Saturday, 20 July 2013

Back and biceps

Armed and dangerous
I decided to start a slightly different weekly routine, just because I've been following the same plan for several months now, and I don't want to plateau. My left adductor is a bit sore, and my last two workouts have been shoulders, traps and forearms, with chest and triceps yesterday. This means pretty much the only split I could work on today involved chest and biceps. My traps are still sore from Thursday, which didn't help today.

Wide grip pull-ups - 10, 7, 7

Lateral pull downs - 80lb x 10; 90lb x 10, 10

Straight arm lat pull downs - 30lb x 10; 35lb x 10; 40lb x 7

Machine reverse flies - 65lb x 10; 70lb x 10; 75lb x 9

Bent over row - 75lb x 12; 80lb x 10, 10

EZ bar curls - 55lb x 12; 65lb x 9, 8

Dumbbell preacher curls - 25lb x 8; 22lb x 8; 20lb x 9

Incline dumbbell curls - 17.5lb x 10, 9, 8

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