Thursday, 31 October 2013

Chest and biceps

Ben did to my arms this week what he did to my legs last week. They're barely able to function now.

Had a nice compliment from another gym member in the dressing room after my training session. He said he's watched me working out and I'm the only person who trains as hard on their own as with their trainer. I'm certainly pleased with the results.

More progression pics here...
In no particular order...

Incline bench press

Barbell curls, with weight on one side only, then switching. Harder than you'd think!

Dumbbell flat bench press. Last set included light (ha!) dumbbell flies.

Decline bench barbell curls, switching between wide and close grip.

Incline hammer dumbbell curls

Superset: cable flies/cable curls (great finisher)

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