Sunday, 15 September 2013

Terry Fox Run

Today I ran the longest distance I've ever attempted. By accident.

I was doing the Terry Fox Run with Madi. She was on her bike, while I was running. We'd planned to do the 3.7km route, but Madi got a little bit ahead of me and took the turn towards the longer route. I shouted at her to turn back, but she was too far away to hear me, so she kept going. I needed to keep her in my sight, so I followed her and eventually caught up. By that point, we were so far away from the 3.7km route that we had to keep going.

In the end, we completed 8.7km. Madi did a great job for a 9 year old, and cycled nearly the entire course. She only dismounted to push her bike up one really steep hill. I didn't time the run, but I know it was roughly 40 minutes.

This was my first year as organizer of the New Hamburg Terry Fox Run. We had 55 runners, including a lot of young kids, and raised $1,761.00 for cancer research.

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