Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Quads and hamstrings

Back squats (Smith rack)
110lb 100lb x 10
145lb 135lb x 5
165lb 155lb x 5
180lb 170lb x 5
195lb 185lb x 5
205lb 195lb x 3

Edit: I later found out that the bar in the Smith rack is 10lb heavier than I thought, so my performance was underrated.

Leg extensions
87.5lb x 10, 10
Drop sets - 87.5lb x 10, 62.5lb x 10, 37.5lb x 10

Straight leg deadlifts - 225lb x 5, 5, 3
I'd actually meant to do 205lb, but for some reason I wasn't concentrating and put two 45lb bumper plates on each side of the bar.

Leg curls
50lb x 12, 10
Drop sets 50lb x 7, 12.5lb x 8

Dumbbell straight leg deadlifts (burn) - 40s x 40 reps

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