Thursday, 1 November 2012

Death by...

I felt a bit meh today - no idea why. I'd planned on doing either Angie or Barbara today, or even Cindy Max, but when I got to the gym, the pull-up rack was being used. I must admit I was secretly pleased because it meant I couldn't do kipping pull-ups. Yeah, I know I was being damn lazy, but hey, I'm being honest here. I did a few shorter routines instead.

Alternate sets
Incline dumbbell curls - 25s x 10, 27s x 5, 5, 5, 4
Skull crushers - 22s x 12, 25s x 9, 7, 7, 8


Death by military press @ 65lb
Score = 8 rounds + 7 reps
1 round increase.


Death by chin-ups (strict)
Score = 8 rounds + 5 reps


Death by sit-ups x 2
Score = 12 rounds (24 sit-ups) + 14 reps
Another 1 round increase.

I got to the end of the 12th round and immediately started the next one, as there wasn't even time for one second's rest.


Paul French said...

Hah wasn't that me in the squat rack?

Oh well a workout like Angie or Barbara is the last thing I'd want to do on an off day.

Common Sense Design said...

Well, it was your client! I should probably thank her. :-)

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