Thursday, 8 November 2012


Goddamn box jumps. I had a great night's sleep that left me feeling fully rested and ready to work my ass off at the gym. I hadn't actually planned my session and was just going to wing it when I got there, making up something on the spot for my first routine.

3 rft
25 burpees
50 supported lateral hops @ 24"
100 single skips
Time = 18:37

Okay, that might not look too bad, but I had actually set up the risers and step so I could do box jumps (over by the squat rack in the corner). However, while I was warming up, I started to get that same damn mental block I've had the past few times I wanted to do box jumps. I've no idea why this has suddenly become a problem, but every time I started to crouch down to jump, I couldn't get my feet off the ground! I kept staring at the bloody thing and froze. Rather than stand there for half an hour and not doing anything, I decided to at least get moving, swapping in the lateral hops instead.

When I got to the end, I felt really pissed at myself. I decided I wasn't going to leave the gym until I'd completed 50 box jumps at 24". There's something about attempting these with lots of clear space in front of me that puts me off, as if I think the whole set up is going to collapse and I'm going to fall over, knocking out all my teeth. Yeah, I know that's bloody stupid; I'm not saying I was being rational! Anyway, I moved the setup to the corner by Chris's office, about a foot in front of the cupboard door. I figured if I misjudged my jump I could steady myself by putting my hand on the door. That seemed to calm me down mentally, although I'm sure it must have pissed off Chris with the constant "thump, thump, thump" of me landing on the box. Anyway...

50 box jumps @ 24"
Time = 4:24

Ironically, I did actually trip attempting the 47th rep, and hit my hand on the top step!


300 single skips
10 push ups whenever I fail a rep or rest
Time = 8:13, with 80 push ups (8 fails)


Paul French said...

Did you workup to 10 risers, or just start at it? Everytime i have seen someone fail on it, one leg makes it and the other doesn't, they don't fall or anything and don't get hurt.

Eric does them against the wall too, that I have trouble with I prefer them in the opening.

Common Sense Design said...

I did a few reps at 20", then some at 22", and even some at 24". I caught my breath and then tried to do some more at 24", and that's when the panic set in! With the 24" set up near Chris's office I had no problems at all.

Paul French said...

That baffles me, this panic makes no sense.

Common Sense Design said...

Like I said, I know it isn't rational! I've done 34" box jumps before, but on Thursday I was freaking out over 22" during my warm up. The first time it happened was a few months ago with you. I've no idea why that happened, and now that failure is at the back of my mind when I decide to do box jumps. As long as there's a wall in front of me, I'm pretty much okay. I'm going to keep doing them like that each week for the next few weeks until I get my confidence back.

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