Monday, 26 November 2012

Full body

I decided to try something different from my usual Monday pushing workout today, just for a change.

Diane: 21-15-9 rft
Deadlifts @ 225lb (sets broke down as 11, 5, 5 - 5, 5, 5 - 5,4)
Push presses @ 95lb (5, 6, 5, 5 - 5, 5, 5 - 5, 4)
Time = 12:54

Because I can't do handstand push-ups, I substituted presses instead. The last time I did Diane - with Paul - I used military presses, but today I went for push presses with more weight. The reason for trying this is because a few of the YouTube Diane videos show some athletes doing a kipping type of motion for the handstand push-ups, and I thought push presses might be a good approximation of that movement. My time ended up being quicker by 6:45, so perhaps I could have gone heavier on the push presses (the deadlifts were RXed).


The second routine was yesterday's main site WOD.

For time:
5 front squats @ 125lb
25 pull-ups
4 front squats
20 pull-ups
3 front squats
15 pull-ups
2 front squats
10 pull-ups
1 front squat
5 pull-ups
Time = 13:14

The demo video stipulates using 65% of a 1RM for the front squats. I can't recall ever going for a 1RM, so I used my heaviest ever weight - 175lb - and did a little over 70% of that. That would have been 122.5lb, so I rounded up. The front squats were just breaking parallel and actually felt quite easy. This enabled me to do all the reps with good form; i.e. elbows up. The pull-ups, however, really took my breath away and slowed me down.

Overall, a good, sweaty workout today!


Paul French said...

I was curious about that front squat/pullup workout also. The 65% recommended weight I agree would be too light, I'd probably up it to 75%, or more if you are taking the weight from the rack (in the video it was from the floor). Were the pullups kipping?

Common Sense Design said...

I took the bar from the rack, not the floor. I saw one guy in the video was struggling with his power cleans, and I didn't want my form with that lift to cause me problems with the front squat. I should be okay with 125lb cleans, but I wanted to avoid them because this is a fast-paced metcon, rather than an untimed weight session.

I wouldn't describe my pull-ups today as kipping; more like wriggling! I don't think I managed more than 5 consecutive reps, which was right at the beginning. That was more to do with metabolic conditioning than muscle fatigue.

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