Friday, 29 March 2013

Quads, hamstrings and calves

Slightly shorter workout than usual today. However, I went for a bike ride early this morning before breakfast, plus I cycled to and from the gym. I didn't do a cool down routine as there seemed little point for it, right before I jumped back on my bike for a sloooow 20 minute ride home.

Back squats @ 125lb with 2 second pause - 3 x 10
A bit lighter than normal, but that allowed me to pause for two seconds at the bottom of each rep. Total ab killer.

Leg presses @ 180lb - 3 x 10
This almost felt comfortable. Time to up the weight.

Air squats on a bosu - 3 x 20

Leg extensions @ 80lb - 5 minute burn

Stiff leg deadlifts @ 105lb - 3 x 10

Standing calf raises on a step - 95lb x 10, 105lb x 10, 10

I didn't end with a burn routine, but then I didn't have to. The ride home burnt like hell!

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