Saturday, 23 March 2013

Chest and triceps

Cycled to the gym on a rusty, cold bike. That was a good enough warm up.

Decline bench press @ 95lb - 12, 11, 8

Incline dumbbell bench press @ 35lb - 12, 10, 8

Dips - 11, 8, 6

Cable flies @ 20lb - 15, 12, 10

Vertical bench press machine @ 40lb - 5 minute burn

EZ bar skull crushers @ 50lb - 12, 11, 10

Two arm seated dumbbell extensions @ 15lb - 12, 10, 9

Cable tricep extensions @ 25lb - 5 minute burn


Paul French said...

do you think you'll try any of the open workouts?

Common Sense Design said...

I'd like to, but it's difficult to know when to fit them in. I'm following Cosmo's programming for me throughout the week - four split routines, with some cardio on non-resistance days - and I want to make sure I'm being strict with the regimen. I've been doing 30 minute cardio routines at the Stonecroft gym most of the time, such as treadmill runs or rowing (Concept 2) workouts. I haven't done any Oly lifts, other than deadlifts, for several weeks. On the days when I have PT sessions, the first 30 minutes or so has been a conditioning circuit - jumping over parallettes, ball slams, kettlebells, etc - followed by some light weight/high rep routines. I guess I could always do something like 13.2 on a cardio day, followed by a shorter cardio session. 13.1 is also doable, up to and including the second round of burpees, but there's no way I'm snatching 135lb! That being said, 17 minutes might just be enough for me to do the burpees/75lb snatches/burpees, anyway.

Have you been submitting your videos?

paul french said...

Well deadlifts is more a power lift, but I have noticed no cleans or anything in your program. Unfortunately the fall off the roof kept my out of even trying the first workout so I was out automatically. The other one I did do but didn't bother submitting. This workout may not work as we don't have rings. Eric did compete and submitted his videos but his last one was rejected and he's out now too, they seem to be pretty strict and have kicked a few people out.

You can do 13.2 pretty easily the shoulder to overhead would be the only heavy thing for you.

Common Sense Design said...

I didn't realise that if your submission for one workout is rejected you'd be out of the whole competition. I thought it meant that you simply missed out on those points; i.e. your score for a rejected video would by 0 points. That does seem a bit harsh. It would be enough of a handicap that you'd be missing out on 300+ points, or whatever.

paul french said...

Apparently if they think that 5 reps were not to standard, the video is rejected completely, Eric was not too pleased but I guess rules are rules.

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