Thursday, 28 March 2013

Conditioning and upper body

Goddamn box jumps! Started today's PT session with a punishing circuit. I'm not sure of the proper name for some of these moves.

3 sets:
35 kettlebell swings
25 kettlebell figure of eights
20 kettlebell crunches
1 minute of kettlebell bicycles (lying down, holding the weight up while doing cycle movements with my legs)
10 box jumps @ 28"

I took breaks when I needed to, in order to catch my breath. The box jumps were going well until I took a breather after four reps in the third and final set. When I went to move again, I couldn't get my feet off the ground! My mental block resurfaced. Despite Cosmo telling me not to think too much, that, of course, is exactly what I did. I eventually removed one step from each side so that I could finish off the last six reps, but even that felt like a mental hurdle. 

2 sets: Bench press pyramid
8 reps each @ 135lb, 115lb and 95lb

Lots of assists were needed!


Concentration curls @ 25lb

That might seem light, but slooooow movements are a killer.

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