Sunday, 10 March 2013

Chest and triceps

I hate daylight saving time changes. They always screw up my body clock, and today was no exception. I went to bed fairly late last night - well, late for me and other old gits - and woke up pretty early this morning, plus I lost an hour because the clocks jumped forward. I felt a bit bleh and tired when I got to the gym, but didn't do too badly once I got going. On a positive note, it's a beautiful, sunny day, so I cycled to and from the gym; my first bike ride of the year.

Bench press @ 105lb - 10, 9, 6

Incline dumbbell bench press @ 35lb dumbbells - 11, 9, 7

Dips - 11, 9, 7

Cable flies @ 20lb per side - 15, 12, 12

Dumbbell piston bench press @ 30lb dumbbells - 5 minute burn
I opted for piston presses rather than standard db benches for a change, but the weight isn't strictly accurate. When I went to put back the dumbbells, I realized that I'd used a 30lb weight with my left arm and a 35lb with my right! I was half asleep and picked up the wrong weight! Still, I actually didn't notice the difference until I'd finished.

EZ bar skull crushers @ 45lb - 12, 11, 10

Two arm seated dumbbell extensions @ 15lb - 11, 8, 8

Cable tricep extensions @ 30lb - 5 minute burn

And to finish...

50 leg/hip raises
40 straight leg raises
30 sit-ups

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