Monday, 31 December 2012


My hamstrings are pretty much back to normal, but my glutes are still sore as hell. I didn't want to resort to just an upper body workout again, so I decided to do some conditioning that would work my whole body. I started by doing about 10-15 minutes of warming up - especially my legs, obviously - and then did a version of The 540, which is named after the CrossFit box that devised it. The reps are as RXed, but I couldn't find a reference to what weight I should be using. I think it's up to the individual how much to put on the bar, so I guess-timated how much would be a challenge for me. I think I got it about right.

The 540
50 overhead lunges (total reps; 25lb bumper plate)
40 pull-ups
30 thrusters @ 85lb
20 burpees
10 cleans @ 115lb
Time = 18:06

I narrowly missed Rich Froning's world record time. By about 12 and a half minutes. Frig, this took my breath away, especially the thrusters. I think they took the longest time out of everything, just because of the time I spent resting. The burpees were in slow motion, but I only needed one break right in the middle.

For time:
50 sit-ups (strict)
50 push-ups
Time = 4:35

Short workout today, but still felt challenging.


Paul French said...

From the video is looks like 95 lb thrusters and 135 for the cleans, with the overhead lunges more clearly reading a 45 pound plate. Did you do squat cleans at the end or power cleans?

Common Sense Design said...

I've never done overhead lunges with a plate before, but 25lb felt pretty light. I think I could have coped with 45lb, although I'm sure it would have slowed me down. The 50 lunges were unbroken.

The thrusters might have been a bit lighter than the video, but - in terms of the challenge - I think 85lb was right for me.

I went with power cleans. I did dip a bit when I caught the bar, but I wouldn't define them as squats. Perhaps I could have added 5 or 10 pounds to these, though.

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