Sunday, 16 December 2012

5k Row

"All I want for Christmas is a six-pack..."
Unusual for me to train on a Sunday, but I had a rest day yesterday because my PT session was Friday. All clear?

Anyway, I wanted to try a simple WOD from a couple of weeks ago - row 5k for time. I don't think I've rowed for this type of distance before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I watched the demo video and it looks like most people were finishing around 20 minutes. However, I thought that might be a bit ambitious for me, so I aimed for roughly 25 minutes, about the time I take for a 5k run.

Row 5k for time
Time = 25:54 (average: 41 s/m)

That's roughly my time for a 5k run, so not too bad. I tried to maintain a steady pace throughout, as advised in the video, although that was easier said than done as I became more fatigued.

I don't know if I'll ever do this again, not because it was too tough, but because it was bloody boring! By the time I got to 1.5k, I couldn't wait for the damn routine to be over. Running 5k on the road is one thing, because the scenery changes, plus there are the mini-challenges when I overtake someone or they overtake me. But rowing 5k on a machine when all I can see are the stationary houses outside is pretty tedious. 

To make matters worse, about 10 minutes into my session, there was a power outage in New Hamburg, which meant the TV and lights in the Stonecroft gym all went out. There were three other people working out on machines at the same time as me, but as soon as the power went, so did they. I spent the next 15 minutes rowing in near darkness.

Can't wait to do some heavy lifting tomorrow...


Paul French said...

I remember when I was dating Emily she told me about her workouts. She was a competitive rower (on the water) and one of the workouts indoors was a 30km row. Took about 2 hours to finish, she said it wasn''t even the workout just sitting there for that long that was hard, I can't imagine sitting there that long. My longest row was 3km and I disliked that.

Common Sense Design said...

(1) 30km in 2 hours is incredible. Total respect! (2) 30km is a f'ing crazy distance. (3) 2 hours? I hope the TV in her gym was working. Zzzzz...

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