Monday, 17 December 2012

Full body

This week is going to busy, so I'll be doing shorter, full body routines, rather than my usual focused workouts.

Squat cleans
95lb x 8, 8, 6, 7

That's a one rep improvement in the third set.


10 rft:
15 deadlifts @ 135
15 push-up
Time = 18:25

The last time I did this routine was back in July 2011, when I finished in 28:00. I knew Paul's time was unattainable, but day-um, that's 9:35 faster. At least my improvement is better than his - ha! :-) Just like last time, I shredded my right shin - why not the left? - and left my dna all over the bar. I didn't rush, but stayed focused and disciplined, even when someone decided to come and start a conversation during the deadlifts. The first round was unbroken, and all the rest of the deadlifts were broken down into 5s. 

A short but satisfactory workout today.

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