Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Today's session was a bit later than I usually train, due to work commitments. I had a big lunch at a restaurant in New Hamburg - bacon cheese burger without the bun, but I treated myself to fries for a change. I probably eat one burger a week - always good quality meat - but it must be four months since I've eaten fries. The restaurant we went to is excellent, and we eat there all the time, so I know the food is good. However, after eating the fries I felt sluggish for hours; not a bloated belly like when I have wheat, but just...uncomfortable. Weird how food I used to eat all the time now makes me feel like crap. It's as if my body is rejecting unhealthy food, even if I eat it very rarely. Anyway, I don't think either the later workout nor the meal I ate four hours earlier affected my performance.

Back squats
10 x 105lb
Then 3 x 10 at 140lb

This was based on one of Paul's recent workouts, but scaled to roughly 75% of the weight he used (I rounded up to the nearest 5lb). I also went a2g.


10 minute time cap:
1 deadlift @ 225lb, 1 jump squat
2 deadlifts, 2 jump squats, 3/3, etc. until time expires
Score = 8 rounds + 1 deadlift

This was loosely based on a routine I stumbled across on a CrossFit gym's website (although I've lost the address). Their WOD was deadlifts and burpees, but I wanted this to be pure leg work.There wasn't an RXed weight for the lifts, just a helpful "Go heavy". Before I started, I thought 225lb might be too light and considered 255lb, but in the end I think I got it right. The deadlifts were unbroken up to and including the fifth round; the sixth was three reps and singles; round seven and eight were all singles. Damn, these made my head spin!


A quick finisher.

Leg extensions @ 110lb - max reps
8, 9, 9


Paul French said...

that looks like a cool timed portion there, i may try the burpee version sometime, dunno what weight i should try though, maybe 275.

Common Sense Design said...

Burpees would have made this a better workout, but I wanted this to be a pure leg day. The jump squats felt too easy, whereas the burpees would have been a better conditioning counterbalance to the heavy deadlifts.

Common Sense Design said...

As for weight, when I copy one of your leg workouts I tend to go for around 70% - 75% of the weight you used. 75% of your suggested weight would have been 205-ish for me, so you should probably aim higher!

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