Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Full body

If you half-close your eyes and squint, that could be me getting out of the water.
5 rft:
5 back squats @ 165lb (a2g)
5 dumbbell bench presses @ 50s
Time = 7:59


5 rft:
10 kipping pull-ups
10 plate push-ups
Time = 8:30

That's 1:46 slower than Paul. Bollocks! :-)


30 straight leg raises


All of the above was done at ABsolute Fitness in the morning. In the afternoon, I had a 45 minute swim at Stonecroft. It's the first time I've been in a UV pool, which uses ultraviolet light for water disinfection, rather than chlorine or salt. Actually, this was the first time I've been swimming since I started taking better care of myself. I forgot what a good workout it can be.


Paul French said...

swimming certainly can be a tough workout, sometimes I want to get more into it.

Tried to mimic my workout I see, nice work!

Common Sense Design said...

Couldn't quite match you on the bench presses! I was surprised how tough the back squats were at 165lb, seeing as my max weight at a2g is 195lb.

Paul French said...

were you hoping to bench 225 or something?

You got to learn your maxes, at any given point, if I ask you what you're pr on a certain lift is....you should be able to say it without hesitation. I am the trainer though, so it's fitting I know. Here is your back squat max!


Must be an age thing....can't be as sharp as a fresh young mind me mine :).

Common Sense Design said...

Ha! Not 225, but your squats and benches used the same weight. I'm a long way off 165lb! My 1RM @ 215lb wasn't a2g, even though that's what I was aiming for. I managed 195lb with perfect form, but for multiple reps (3 reps, I think, but you know what my memory is like.)

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