Saturday, 28 July 2012

Full body

Personal training with Paul

5 rft:
1 deadlift @ 285 (90% of 1rm)
10 military presses @ 65
40 single skips
Time = 13:08


For time:
50 dips
50 push-ups (close-ish hand position)
Time = 12:56


For time:
50 kipping pull-ups
Time = 5:53


Paul French said...

I wouldn't so much call the pushups a close hand position, just closer than what you are used too, it's similar to what I had to do in college and all I really do now.

Common Sense Design said...

That's why I said "close-ish"! I know the really close hand position is much tougher on the triceps.

Paul French said...

I guess I more meant they are considered regular width, for me your hand placement is too wide, but to each there own.

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