Saturday, 16 June 2012

Full body / Conditioning

I took an extra rest day this week because I felt like I was close to overtraining. After working out as usual on Tuesday morning, I did what I considered to be a light session late afternoon while Madi was in her spin class. The second workout involved curls, tricep pull-downs, chin-ups and some skipping. Compared to a usual session, this wouldn't be regarded as too taxing; however, when taken in context with my earlier workout, it must have taken its toll. 

In the past when I've overtrained, my upper arms have felt achy, but I've brushed it off and trained through the discomfort. My arms felt the same way on Wednesday morning - which is a rest day, anyway - so I rested on Thursday, just to be safe. Friday is also a regular rest day, so that means I rested three consecutive days this week before my regular personal training day. Even so, I was hoping for a heavy weight day rather than a quick moving, sweaty session. Some chance.

Power snatches @ 80lb
Pull-ups (strict)
Time = 27:04

While I was working my way through this, I didn't feel as mentally strong as I do usually. Sure, when a workout gets tough - whether with Paul or on my own - I sometimes feel like quitting. However, this doesn't tend to happen during the first round! That being said, I did a total of 55 snatches at 80lb; my 1RM is 100lb, so perhaps this wasn't a case of fatigue from overtraining, but simply a reaction to a fucking hard routine! The snatches were the hardest part of this, and also the section where I was most vocal as I kept telling myself to pick up the frigging weight.


Traveling lunges
3 x 12 per leg @ 25s

I'll see how I feel on Monday morning before deciding if I need to take a few days off.

Update (Sunday): I don't feel any kind of fatigue or general tiredness today, although my traps are bloody sore - presumably from the snatches - and I have doms in my chest, which is probably due to the push-ups and burpees. Therefore, I think what I felt yesterday during the metcon was simply due it being a challenging workout, rather than overtraining.


Paul French said...

Remember after the workout when ya said that it was harder than I was suppose to be, my reply was "how do you know you've never done it before." It's ways difficult to judge whether a workout was harder than it was suppose to be when it's a new one, as the tiredness you feel may just be because that's what the workout is suppose to do. Also hard to know what time you'll get on new ones.....perfect example right here :)

Common Sense Design said...

Fucking hell, you have a memory like a bloody elephant! :-)

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