Wednesday, 6 June 2012


This was probably the shortest gym session I've ever done, but it was on what is usually a rest day. I was planning on doing this first routine on Tuesday afternoon while Madi was in her spin class. However, on Monday she'd had a swimming lesson and soccer practice back to back - and she really worked hard during the latter - so the poor thing was pooched and had no energy. She was practically in tears when she told me, "I don't want to go to spin; I'm too tired." (That's right - I overtrained my own granddaughter. Got a problem?)

Anyway, I saw a similar WOD to this a couple of weeks ago and was eager to give it a try. I got up early, went to McD's for coffee and breakfast (scrambled eggs and oatmeal), then cycled from there to the gym. That warmed up my legs, so after a few stretches I was good to go.

5 rft:
7 x deadlifts @ 225lb
21 skips
Time = 7:15

The RXed version calls for deadlifts at 275lb along with double-unders. I only just got the hang of skipping last week and this is the first metcon where I've done it, so I decided to be a bit conservative, rather than simply double the number of reps. The first three sets of deadlifts were all unbroken; the last two were 4-3. Sets 1, 2 and - bizarrely - 5 of skipping were unbroken, too. I had no idea how long all this would take me, but in hindsight I should have doubled the skipping reps to make this more challenging.

And just to sweat a bit more...

200 reps of skipping
Time = 3:29

In the end, this wasn't a challenging workout today, but it was fun anyway.

Next step?


Paul French said...

Where did you see that deadlift workout? Are you sure the required weight is 275, because back in December I did this and got the workout from crossfitfootball

Common Sense Design said...

I remember this video because of your shorts falling down(!) but not the overall workout. I searched for the WOD this morning so I could link to it, but couldn't find it again. Perhaps it wasn't the main site, then. I used 225lb because that's what I used in a different metcon with you a while back.

Paul French said...

there may be a 275 version, but I know I got that workout from crossfitfootball and they used 315, all the reps and rounds of everything else was the same. It was all about the deadlifts for me the double unders were easy.

Common Sense Design said...

The deadlifts got hard for me because I was so out of breath. Do you think I should have gone heavier than 225?

If Madi is up to her spin class tomorrow (Thursday), I'm going to practice some double-unders. Once I get those worked out, perhaps I should do a heavier version of this routine. I did plenty of practice skips before I started my watch, so once I get warmed up I can string together a good number of skips before I get tired/fail. Even at 7:00am the gym was busy enough that I had to make sure I didn't accidentally strangle anyone with the rope.

Paul French said...

Don't overthink the routines when it comes to scaling, there is no right or wrong answer to that. On Saturday you said you know you've picked a good weight on a 'death by' if you get to so many rounds, there is no number you should hit. If you feel like going heavy, go heavy, on a workout like the this going heavier on the deads would take longer....nothing wrong with that. If you want a sprint then go light so you can cycle through everything much quicker. This weight looks to sort of be in between. My main point is is that there is no right or wrong answer to it. How I go about it most of the time, is if I can do the required weight, I will, regardless of how long it takes me.

At 7am why didn't you go into the aerobics room, or was it busy in there too?

Common Sense Design said...

I did the 200 reps skipping in the yoga room, but I didn't know I could take weights in there, even if though they're bumpers.

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