Monday, 10 March 2014

Conditioning and abs

Kayla Baumgardner
Had a crappy night's sleep and felt like total shite today, but I needed to get in some conditioning this week, so I had to push myself. Even walking to the gym I doubted I'd be able to do anything challenging, but I felt that if I could at least get started I might be okay. That proved to be the case.

I just made this up on the spot, rather than my usual planning ahead.

3 circuits, 90 seconds rest in between

30 kettlebell swings (12kg)
15 burpees
15 lateral kettlebell swings per arm (8kg)
10 burpees
30 kettlebell swings (12kg)
5 burpees

Simple, but good enough to get the heart pumping. I was drenched in sweat by the end.

Ab rollouts - 3 x 20
Bicycle crunches - 3 x 30 per leg
Swiss ball pushups/rolls - 10, 10, 7
Leg raises - 3 x 12

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