Monday, 30 December 2013

Hang cleans and forearms

My clean technique has been pretty poor recently, so the first part of today's session was simply going back to basics and breaking down the movement from scratch. I did hang cleans so I could focus on the top half of the exercise. A couple of times I found that - as one would expect - I failed at moderate weights simply because I lost concentration. In fact, my first two attempts at 130lb were a bust, so I took a couple of breaths, then summoned up an aggressive jump and shrug to get the bar up to my chest. Unfortunately, I couldn't get 135lb up, no matter how hard I tried, but overall I felt like I was starting to find my way back to improving my cleans.

The rest of the session was just a few forearm routines.

Barbell holds - 135lb x 3 (untimed)

Barbell wrist rolls - 65lb x 10, 8, 7

Wrist roller x 3

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