Thursday, 31 January 2013

Full body

Sarah Hopping: Jerking, not pressing, which is what I did.
I decided to try Gwen today, which didn't leave any time to do much else afterward. The weather was so crappy that I couldn't stay at the gym too long so I'd get home at a decent time.

Gwen: 15-12-9 clean and press

This is not a timed workout, so there isn't a score to speak of. I did lots of warming up with an empty bar and then 65lb until I felt ready to go. I used 85lb for the 15 rep set, and 90lb for the 12 and 9. In retrospect I was a bit conservative with the weight I used; I probably could have gone 5lb-10lb heavier. That being said, after reviewing my video, I think too many of my presses were a bit dodgy, and using more weight probably wouldn't have helped. It looks like I'm leaning back too much and my head isn't "going through the hole" between my arms. On top of that, my legs clearly don't lockout too well when the bar is overhead, although I don't know if that would count as a no-rep. 

As many people noted on the CrossFit site, my grip and forearms were fubar at the end of each round. I rested 6:30 after the first set and 7:00 after the second. That's a total of 13:30 minutes of rest time, so no wonder I didn't have much time for a longer workout session.

The camera position for the first set is bloody ridiculous!


Leg presses
8 x 160lb, 180lb, 200lb, 210lb, 210lb

Not a great workout today, as I would have liked to do more, but a combination of the weather and the rests during Gwen meant I had to rush off.

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