Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Full body

First heavy lift for the year; first PR.

Trap bar deadlift, 1rm
6 x 30% = 105lb
6 x 40% = 140lb
4 x 50% = 175lb
2 x 60% = 210lb
1 x 70% = 245lb
1 x 80% = 280lb
1 x 90% = 315lb
1 x 95% = 335lb
1 x 100% = 350lb (new PR)

This actually felt pretty comfortable, although it's clear from the video that my form was starting to go south (curved back). Still, I think I managed to start with my butt low down, which helped me to push up through my heels. This is the heaviest weight I've ever lifted, so felt pretty good. It looked pretty cool, too - three 45lb bumpers on each side!


Bench press, relative max @ 130lb (large bench, 7 holes)
4, 4, 3, 4, 3


Pull-ups, max with strict form - 11, 7, 6


Paul French said...

Nice lift, but very iffy form, always be careful. Still, maybe 400 will be in your future too.

Common Sense Design said...

I felt like I had another few pounds in me, but when I reviewed the video straight after the 350lb lift I could see that my back was rounding out as I started to stand up, so I left it at that. Other than my back, did you notice anything else wrong?

Paul French said...

No other then that the lift was good, but the back is usually the number one thing to go on most forms of deadlifts, with the trap bar it's easier to get those hips low.

I also see you're still deadlifting with shoes, that's a judgement call but didn't you say shoeless felt better?

Common Sense Design said...

With standard deadlifts I go shoeless, but wearing these trainers didn't seem to be pushing me forward. I don't go shoeless for squats, either, just deadlifts.

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