Saturday, 19 May 2012


I felt pretty tired today, but decided to have a bit of a power day anyway, fueled by two cups of McDonald's coffee and a sugar-free Red Bull.

Squat cleans for time (previous times in brackets):
95 x 5 - I forgot to start my watch, but this was pretty much a warm up set, so no biggie.
115 x 5 - 19 seconds (25)
125 x 5 - 30 (57)
130 x 5 - 34 (1:19)
135 x 5 - 1:03 (2:15)

Very pleased with that performance, which is a lot faster than the time I did this with Paul, in February. The heaviest round at 135lb was less than half my previous time and even included a failed attempt with my fourth rep, which I had to drop about halfway into my squat.


Push press:
85 x 5
90 x 5
95 x 5
100 x 5
105 x 3


75 sit-ups
Time = 2:43

Well, that's a damn sight better than last time (3:31), and also an improvement on my quickest time (3:09) Obviously, the extra caffeine was a great help.


Paul French said...

Nice increase on the squat cleans, especially the last 2 sets.

Common Sense Design said...

Thanks. That was definitely the noisiest I've ever been in the gym - plenty of loud grunting during the last two heavier sets!

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