Thursday, 31 May 2012

Full body

Just wasn't feeling it today. I was helping out at New Hamburg Live arts festival yesterday, moving lots of furniture for an hour after the concert, until 10:00pm. My shoulders and upper arms were pretty knackered this morning, which was annoying because I'd planned an upper body day.

Clean and press (aiming for 1RM):
85lb x 3
85lb x 3
95lb x 3
105lb x 1
115lb x 1
120lb x 0
120lb x 0

With both failed attempts at 120lb I could just about get the bar overhead, but couldn't hold it there for long enough to count as a successful rep.


Because of how poorly I did with the first workout, I decided to forget about upper body and do some front squats instead.

Front squats:
115 x 5
125 x 3
135 x 3
155 x 3
165 x 1 (wrists hurt too much)
165 x 1 (ditto)
165 x 1 (crossover grip)

With the first two 165lb attempts the only reason I failed was because of my grip, not my legs. My wrists hurt so much I simply couldn't hold the bar any longer. I rested a couple of minutes, then tried with my old crossover grip, but couldn't hold it like that either, and ended up dropping the bar (with a loud "Fuck!)


Mixed grip pull-ups
12, 7, 6, 6


Paul French said...

I was watching ya a bit today, and think you need to reset your cleans, all variations of them. That means no more going for max weight. I have said it a few times over the last year but you still do cleans by catching the weight on your wrists, not your shoulders....your elbows are pointed right at the ground still and not straight ahead like they are suppose to be. It's definately not easy after doing it so long the other way, Eric is really the only other one who can do this.

Watch any of my videos with cleans involved, you'll see my elbows pointed straight ahead each time, metcons or heavy weights, but especially weights. You still keep that full grip on the bar when you are suppose to release it to your finger tips so it lands on your shoulders.

The reason I say this now is because by this time your wrist should not bother you on front squats anymore, they should have adjusted. Because they still bother you to the point where it forces you to stop a set, I think because of the frequency you do cleans the constant slamming of the weight on your wrists is causing damage, in time it could pull a tendon and that would mean no cleans period, or bench or overhead pressing work for that matter.

Use a 65 pound bar at most and keep working at catching the bar with elbows pointed forwards and on your shoulders, not wrists. Also, work on your upper body pressing, you had said earlier you want it increased but don't do it that often still, only 4 military presses in the last 2 months, 3 of which I programmed into our session.

You have a strong upper pulling ability, so bench and military press need to be programmed in more frequently, don't worry so much about cleans they are a strength of yours, working on weaknesses is some trainers number one advice.

Feel free to ask any questions, as this is all out of the blue lol.

Common Sense Design said...

I definitely agree that my form/technique is a problem here. Clearly I'm not doing cleans properly if they're causing me doms in my biceps! Using much lighter weight and focusing on technique is certainly the way to go, which is what I'm trying to do with snatches.

At least my skipping improved today! :-)

Common Sense Design said...

Ironic that the demo video for Thursday's WOD - CrossFit Total - is drawing so much criticism for implying that poor form and technique is excusable when aiming for a 1RM. Of course, it isn't, and that's where my attitude was wrong. If you look at, you'll see military press form that I think is as bad - if not worse - than mine. The girl in particular is bending too far back, and this is in a demo!

Same with my deadlifts: I let my ego take over when I know my back is starting to take too much of the stress from the lift.

Do you recommend that I stay away from 1RM lifts for now and concentrate on, say, 3-5 rep maxes, which will man lighter weights?

Paul French said...

That's a good reference, what I found comical about that video is that they talk about what not to do, and even after the lift on the overhead press the caption says she is leaning too far back, yet she adds weight and does another set with worse form. Its very hard to leave the go at the door especially when going for max weight, I know I can be guilty of it too, but you just have to remind yourself that if you want to train and be active and healthy as you get older, being dumb about it now is pointless.

I like this video a lot, specifically his deadlifts, you can watch the whole thing, but go to 2:05 to see the deadlift portion.

Despite nearly a 100 pound difference in his first and 3 attempt, him form is identical, that system is adament about smooth reps.

I think staying away from 1RM's for a bit is a good idea, they are fun because you are moving so much iron (or rubber) but can be tough and lead to injuries when ego gets in the way.

Paul French said...

Suddenly this video makes me think my ego is never an issue and my deadlift is always perfect.

Common Sense Design said...

Fuck! Is that a joke?! First time I've seen a dry hump deadlift.

Common Sense Design said...

Truth be told, while 1RMs are a good ego-massager, they're rather boring. I find it much more fulfilling doing, say, three consecutive squat cleans as they require more focus and concentration to do them properly.

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