Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Death by Power Cleans @ 115lb
Score = 8 rounds plus 6 reps

In the fifth round, I lost track of the number of reps I was supposed to do, and I did six instead of five. That means there's an extra rep in there somewhere! I had thought of using 125lb, but - considering my score - I think I chose the correct weight.


No idea why I chose to do the next routine today, as my hamstrings and glutes were sore from yesterday, plus my shoulders were knackered from the power cleans. Anyway...

Fran - 21-15-9 reps for time:
Thrusters @ 95lb
Kipping pull-ups
Time = 15:59

That's a hell of a lot slower than my previous time in November 2011. I felt like I did the pull-ups pretty quickly; even though they were broken up, I didn't take very long rest breaks. It was the thrusters that slowed me down. However, even though I didn't video this workout, I'm pretty sure my form and technique was much better than before. The bar went straight overhead each time, and none of the reps were in front of me.

I'm usually pretty tough on myself when I do a slow time on a routine that I've done better previously. However, I often lose sight of the fact that even though I haven't set a new PR, I've still had a decent workout. I think that's the case today.

Update: While Madi was having her spin class this afternoon, I used the opportunity to practice one of the items on my New Year's resolutions list - skipping! Liliana gave me a few pointers, then I practiced for about 30 minutes. I'm nowhere near good enough to include skipping as part of a workout routine, but I'm certainly improving.
May 22, 2012

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