Monday, 25 February 2013

Chest and triceps

This was my first session training on my own while following Cosmo's programming. There were a lot of different routines and I thought it would be difficult fitting it all in 45 minutes. However, because the weights were light and my rest periods were consequently shorter - no longer than 1:15 - I only just took a bit longer than three quarters of an hour.

Bench press
95lb x 10
105lb x 10, 6

I would have tried one more rep, but I didn't have a spotter.


Incline dumbbell bench press
40lb dbs x 10
35lb dbs x 8, 8


Dips - 11, 8, 6


Cable crossover @ 20lb per side - 15, 12, 12


Dumbbell bench press - 5 minutes burn


EZ bar skull crushers @ 45lb - 12, 10, 9


Two arm seated dumbbell extension
20lb x 8
17.5lb x 9, 8


Cable tricep extensions - 5 minutes burn

There were some movements where it took me a while to figure out the right weight, but I think I got it right eventually. The only routine I struggled with was the seated dumbbell extensions. I had trouble keeping my elbows in and executing smooth reps. This might have been due to poor external rotation.


Paul French said...

Seems like a very cool training style, definately differs from mine I hope it works for ya!

Common Sense Design said...

Feels different, too! Still have shitload of doms from Saturday.

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