Saturday, 23 February 2013

Back and arms

Christy Phillips
I had my first session with a new trainer, Cosmo, today. About 15 minutes in I was calling for my mother. Most of the routines used fairly light weights, but high reps in each set.

Deadlifts 3 x 10 reps @ 220lb


Not sure what it is really called, but for the first move I placed the kettlebell in front of one foot, then reached across to grab it with the opposite hand. These movements weren't timed, but were all continuous, resting briefly when required.

Kettlebell circuit x 2 sets:
Lateral swing and raises x 15 reps per side
Skull crushers / leg and hip raises x 20
Swings x 30
Clean and press (switched to goblet squat for the second set)

Cosmo asked me to check my pulse between sets; it was 180. Bloody hell!


Wide grip pull-ups with legs raised in front - 2 x 10


Lateral pull-downs - 2 x 10


Cable rows for five minutes @ 20lb

Yeah, that's damn light, but these were strict form reps, for a burning five minutes. Cosmo said this is to "finish off the muscles". Well, it damn well worked.


Cool down and stretching

I'm hoping I die in my sleep, because I know my whole body is going to hurt like hell if I wake up tomorrow.

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