Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This morning I decided to skip breakfast, and just shower before heading to the gym so I could train earlier (7:30am). I figured that would save me some time, as I could eat my usual oatmeal afterward while checking my email. However - and this seems bloody obvious now - I ran out of fuel halfway through today's session, and I got fatigued too quickly.

Back squats
95 x 10
115 x 10
125 x 10
135 x 10
145 x 10
155 x 9

I had originally planned on mirroring Paul's routine from last week, scaling his weights by roughly 70%. That would have meant three sets using 95lb, 135lb and 155lb. However, after the first set I remembered that I had done a five set routine with Paul, with 10 reps per set. I decided to switch to that instead. Last month I got to 7 reps at 155lb, so there was a slight improvement today. All reps were a2g. During the heavier sets, I took a brief pause at the top - a couple of breaths - then squatted down again.


Bulgarian split squats (small bench) 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
95, 115, 130

It's been a long time since I've done BB split squats and it's time I added more variety back into my leg days. At 130lb I was wobbling all over the place and I really struggled to keep my balance, especially when I had my right foot back on the bench. I was so unstable that it actually felt unsafe, so I decided to quit after three sets. I rested a while, then attempted a few reps with 60lb dumbbells instead, but I still didn't feel stable. I think this was due to the aforementioned fatigue. Of course, the 69 barbell squats I did earlier might have contributed to this.


30 traveling lunges @ 55s

The workout started well, but I'm very disappointed with the poor performance during the split squats. My morning schedule is still inconsistent since the house move, but I don't want that to interfere with my training progress. Maybe I need to reevaluate how I train. I remember reading that Angie Pye simply does the main site WOD each day, and that's all. Perhaps I should do something similar, and train for less time each day, but with more intensity.

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