Thursday, 11 October 2012

Conditioning and Bodyweight

Grace: 30 power cleans and push presses @ 105lb
Time = 8:15

The last time I did Grace - with the same weight - was in late November 2011. Back then, my form was bloody awful, with the bar going in front of me instead of straight overhead. Although I didn't video myself this time - the gym was a bit busy near where I was training, and I feel a bit intrusive if I video people working out near me - but I think my form was damn near perfect today. I could see from the mirror that the bar was overhead each time and that my arms locked out. On top of that, my time this morning was quicker by over 30 seconds, so I'm very pleased with that.

I rested for six or seven minutes because I planned on doing Fran as well, but my left shoulder felt a bit dodgy when I started doing thrusters. It feels fine now, but at the time the Grace push presses had obviously taken their toll.



50 pull-ups (kipping allowed)
Time = 6:14

Rest exactly one minute.

50 dips
Time = 8:01

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