Thursday, 4 October 2012


Okay, let's try again...

Clean and press @ 110lb
C2B kipping pull-ups x 2
Box jumps @ 24" x 2
Over the bar burpees x 2 (each side = 1 rep)

Time = 14:16

That's one second slower than last time! However, back then my wrists were still causing problems so I'd used two 50lb dumbbells; this time, I went for a 110lb barbell. That box jump crap was still at the back of my mind during the warm-up, but I seemed to be okay during the actual routine. Yeah, it's a little slower - one second! - but the barbell felt tougher than the dumbbells.


2 round for time:
20 pull-ups (strict!)
50 push-ups

Time = 11:12

Maybe the strict pull-ups do make a difference. Meh! :-) Still, only 13 seconds slower than my target...


Paul French said...

And you were so convinced it didn't make a huge difference, I actually remember on facebook you said "Yeah, like kipping saved me 1 minute 15 seconds. Nice try, kid!" to me, oh how the need to rub this in is huge.

I'll just leave it at this, you need to be a lot faster than 13 seconds to beat my time on that routine, try almost 3 minutes referenced the wrong post :).

Common Sense Design said...

Yeah, but the second time, you started with this routine, so you were fresher!

Now I know why you need such strong shoulders - it's so you can hold a grudge! :-)

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