Thursday, 18 October 2012


I needed plenty of leg warm ups before my first routine because my hamstrings and glutes are pretty sore from yesterday's leg session.

Fran: 21-15-9 rft
Thrusters @ 95lb
Kipping pull-ups
Time = 15:32

That's a lot slower than nearly a year ago. Today I was fresh - i.e. last time I did some weight work first - so not improving is a big disappointment. This morning the thrusters took more out of me than I expected, and I needed plenty of breaks. Strangely, I think the round of 9 - when I was already fatigued - was my most fluid. I only managed doubles, but when I picked up the bar from the ground, I did a squat clean and punched the bar overhead when I got to the upright position. When the bar came back down to my chest, I went straight into a squat.


5 deadlifts @ 225lb
10 otb burpees (total)
Time = 8:13

The closest routine I've done to this in the past was in February 2012 with standard burpees, when I finished in 8:51. My energy level seemed to jump up a notch during this workout. I collapsed on my back into a steaming puddle of sweat at the end.


Paul French said...

My weirdly vivid memory may help ease the disappointment of that fran time, but when you did it before you started from the rack, so it took out ever having to do cleans to get the weight so your shoulders and that would make a big difference.

Also don't count out doing legs the day prior, you said the thrusters were harder than expected, that might be why.

Common Sense Design said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My legs were a bit sore, but I don't think that was the cause of too much problem. However, I was getting out of breath rather quickly during the thrusters, so you might be right about the clean portion.

Overall, I'm a bit concerned about my training the past couple of weeks. Due to a change in my daily schedule - getting Madi ready for school, taking care of my Mom, and work - I seem to be rushing the whole time, which has affected my mental attitude to training. I used to feel much more relaxed, but now when I'm at the gym all I seem to think about is getting done as quickly as possible so I can leave. My focus isn't what it was. As you might have read yesterday, I'm thinking of changing my training regimen back to my previous style; i.e. not concentrating on pushing, pulling and legs on individual days. That might help if I can, say, do two heavy lifting routines on Mondays - e.g. back squats and power cleans - and then up to a 30 minute metcon that uses several movements on Tuesday (that's just an example).

What do you think?

Paul French said...

I think it's a great idea, while I myself am I on a similar routine to yours, it's still got one significant difference in that it doesn't follow a set day of the week schedule. It allows me to workout whenever I want, some weeks I have done 6 days and others I have done 3, just depends on my schedule. The one I was on before, which is the one you are talking about going back too allows even more freedom, you don't even need to be confined to the gym, don't let the weather condition stop you from a fun outdoors workout.

The main issue I've noticed with you when you were on this kind of program before is you tend to neglect your weaknesses, which is still upper body pressing, especially overhead pressing. So you'll need to be careful with that. Don't worry so much about power cleans and squats and deadlifts, still do them but they don't require that much attention, the other stuff should.

Give it a shot and see how it goes, also don't feel you have to do a certain thing either, when I was on that kind of program often the night before I'd say I'm going to go heavy on something, when getting there I decide I'm in the mood for some conditioning, so I do it. The gym should be fun, as long as it's balanced have some fun. And lastly, don't forget....Military Press, that exercise seems to be a bit forgotten last time you did this program and it's one of the 'Big 6' exercises.

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