Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Upper body(ish)

My right adductor seems to have healed completely, but there's still a slight twinge in my left, so I asked Cosmo if we could lay off the leg work for this week. Today's PT session - which started a bit late, so was truncated - was based around mostly upper body routines.

Bench press drop sets x 3; 45 seconds rest between rounds
120lb x 8, 100lb x 8, 80lb x 10

I needed a few assists in the last set, but this was surprisingly tough at only 80lb.


Deadlifts; 45 seconds rest between sets
115lb x 8
165lb x 8
205lb x 8

Almost all of these were touch and go - with perfect form - except the last three reps at 205lb. My form was a bit dicey with the final two reps, as my back came up too soon before my legs had straightened.


Supersets x 3:
Upright rows: 75lb x 10
Push-ups x 15


Supersets x 3:
Standing alternating dumbbell curls: 20lb x 10
Standing alternating hammer curls: 15lb x 10

Vein-popping fun!


Cable rows; drop sets
120lb x 10, 80lb x 10, 60lb x 10

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