Thursday, 13 June 2013

Quads, hamstrings and calves

First pure leg strength day in a while. My left adductor is much better, and I didn't feel any discomfort today. However, now it appears that I've done something to my left shoulder and neck, which is causing some pain when I turn my head or bend my neck certain ways.

3 x back squats, pyramid sets - 100lb x 10, 120lb x 8, 140lb x 6

Leg extensions @ 80lb - 5 minute burn

Stiff leg deadlifts - 135lb x 10, 10, 10

Standing calf raises on a step - 115lb x 13, 11, 10

Seated calf raises (machine) @ 90lb - 5 minute burn

Kettlebell crunches - 8kg x 30, 30, 30

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